Marco di Lauro: Italian Traditions

понедельник, 6 декабря 2010 г.

Photo © Marco Di Lauro-All Rights Reserved
I did feature Marco Di Lauro's work previously on this blog, but he recently updated his website, and boy...what a website it is!!! It's a great way to start off the week.

For a long time, I felt no urge to click on any of his galleries...the website's multimedia introduction of large sized powerful photographs and audio clips kept me mesmerized for quite a while...and it will do that to you too. There's a lot of Ken Burns effect: not my favorite at all but very effective here.

I perused Marco's galleries, and particularly liked his compelling Italian Traditions feature which documents the various medieval festivals and practices still celebrated in Italy today.

For instance, the Carnival of Venice was originally devised as a social equalizer, allowing the poor, under the safety of elaborate masks, to belittle the rich at least once a year...and the Palio di Siena, an exciting horse race which is held and governed by rules since 1644...and the intriguing annual Procession of the Snakes held in Cocullo when the statue of the patron saint, San Domenico, is paraded covered with live snakes.

An engrossing collection of documentary photographs which I encourage you to visit and admire.

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