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воскресенье, 12 декабря 2010 г.

What's on tap for the week starting Monday, December 13? Well, let's see....

1. The work of a Spanish photographer/photojournalist with an affinity for the Silk Road.
2. The diverse portfolio of a travel photographer...large images! I planned that one for last week.
4. The documentary work of a Dutch photographer featuring nomads to include those of  Mongolia.
5. The travel portfolios of a Turkish photographer of East Asia et al.

I'm working on a face-lift to my website (but not the blog)'s being botoxed, liposucked, pulled, implants done, plucked and waxed...and may be announced at the end of the time for the Xmas parties.

Details of my forthcoming photo~expedition may also be ready at some point this week...we'll see but what I can say is that it'll be in October 2011.

Plus the usual "shooting from the hip" posts and maybe, if the mood strikes, a timely rant.

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